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the evolution of Garden Design

The finest in architectural garden design, providing you with form, function and exceptional value. Bring your garden ideas to life, with hand crafted plans. Be guided and advised with professional experience in your garden design concept to project completion.
improve aesthetic appeal and property value

We will advise you how to use plants in different ways to add interest to your garden. Use selected plants to add subtle accents that highlight garden structures, such as a pergola; enhance a particular garden style; or function as bold, dramatic stand-alone centerpieces. Consider these other tips, for adding to your landscape with plants.
realise the advantage of garden texture.

All too often, clients overlook the importance of plant texture. The use of contrasting textures can be just as dramatic as using contrasting colors. For example, ornamental grasses and other grassy plants shine against large-leaf specimens such as Gunnera, canna, or banana. In shaded gardens, ferns offer an exciting textural contrast.



Once your chosen garden area has been selected, we will design a scaled drawing of the area to ensure accurate dimension.



Let our experienced staff guide and advise you on the range of plant choices available for planting in your new garden.



Once you have approved your design and plant selection, we will ensure everything meets with your local councils guidelines.



You can now enjoy your finished new garden masterpiece with friends and family.  Here are some tips to maintain your garden.

Council Approval

Many Local Councils today require what is known as a Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO) as part of the building permit.  The purpose of the SLO is to help identify significant landscapes and or to conserve and enhance the character of significant landscapes.  A schedule to the LSO must generally contain: A statement of the nature and key elements of the landscape and also the landscape objective to be achieved.  Boeders can provide all the requirements needed to ensure your LSO meets with council approval.  As an example of the regulatory requirements please review the following link to the Shire of Yarra Valley Ranges.  Shire of Yarra Valley Ranges Permits

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