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Aesthetic Appeal & Value


improve aesthetic appeal and property value

We will advise you how to use plants in different ways to add interest to your garden. Use selected plants to add subtle accents that highlight garden structures, such as a pergola; enhance a particular garden style; or function as bold, dramatic stand-alone centerpieces. Consider these other tips, for adding to your landscape with plants.

Hot colors, such as red, yellow, and orange are very visible from a distance. They stand out best in large groups of color against a green background or walls painted in cool hues. Or use splashes of these hot colors for dramatic accents. Cool colors, such as pink, lavender, and blue, stand out best when used to create a mass of color. They're great accents for the far end of the yard because they'll seem farther away. This can make your yard feel bigger. Soft, cool tones are also great in shade where they're seen better than more intense, darker colors.


Summer is a good time to give some attention to water gardens and ponds. You are less likely to suffer from hypothermia and the water can start to get pretty green and algae ridden as temperatures rise. If you don't have fish, you are providing a breeding ground for mosquitoes unless your water is flowing.


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