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Evolution of Garden Design


the evolution of Garden Design

The finest in architectural garden design, providing you with form, function and exceptional value. Bring your garden ideas to life, with hand crafted plans. Be guided and advised with professional experience in your garden design concept to project completion.

Create your perfect front yard or backyard landscape with our gardening tips. We'll advise you about beautiful annual, perennial, bulb, and rose flowers, as well as trees, shrubs, and ground covers to put on a year-round show. Consider including Garden ornaments as they are both fun and serve a function in the garden. Decorate with pavers to use as neat edging around your garden beds or pathways. We will assist you in filling your garden -- or surrounding your patio -- with the bold textures, eye-popping colors, and intoxicating scents.


March is pretty much the last call for heavy pruning on flowering cherries. These need their pruning done in summer to reduce disease. While you are about it, you can prune plums and other deciduous fruit trees straight after harvest. This encourages them to set more fruiting spurs for next year, rather than too much leafy growth.


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