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Boeders Garden Designs Sponsorship.

Boeders Garden Designs is always looking for new and exciting opportunities to promote our brand through community sponsorship opportunities.

Boeders Garden Designs receives many great suggestions of ways we can get involved in the community and in the gardening, landscaping, the arts and cultural activities.

To ensure we recognise the value of the opportunity you're proposing, we'd ask you to include with your idea all the information we need to make an informed decision about the value it offers to Boeders Garden Designs, and most importantly to our customers and the Community.

As a starting point, here's some information that will assist in determining whether your opportunity might be right for Boeders Garden Designs.

Purpose of Boeders Garden Designs Sponsorships

•  Demonstrate Boeders Garden Designs brand identity of Personal, Quality, Leader, Smart and Contemporary to our customers in a meaningful and tangible way.
•  Differentiate Boeders Garden Designs from our competitors and other sponsors
•  Showcase our quality, market-leading properties.

Opportunities for Boeders Garden Designs Sponsorship

Any event or activity considered for sponsorship must fit Boeders Garden Designs image and values.
Boeders Garden Designs concern for the environment is reflected in our sponsorship activities.

Boeders Garden Designs prefers to participate in events or activities that have a regional or metropolitan reach.

Inclusions in Sponsorship offerings

Boeders Garden Designs looks for positive, relevant reasons to be involved in your event/ venture.

Examples of these are:
•  Discounted, preferential or priority ticketing
•  Information/content not readily available
•  National, or wide-reaching exposure
•  Access to 'money can't buy' experiences
•  Exclusive promotions, tie-ins for retail offers, merchandise

Basic inclusions:
•  Unrestricted access for Boeders Garden Designs to conduct promotional activities including showcasing Boeders Garden Designs.
•  Exclusivity in the Garden Design category
•  Access to rights-free use of the images, logos and content associated with the activity
•  Unrestricted access to participant/ attendee/ member databases

We recognise, and are sensitive to the fact, that consumers are bombarded with advertising and marketing messages every day, so we'll only get involved if we can demonstrate tangible reasons for Boeders Garden Designs involvement.

Long term activities that enable on-going interaction with the audience are really what it's about.


If you are still unsure if your activity fits within our guidelines, please refer to the list below for all exclusions.

Boeders Garden Designs does not sponsor:
•  Man-to-man combat sports or sports Boeders Garden Designs considers dangerous or violent.
•  Industries/activities that are unrelated to Boeders Garden Designs key markets and customers
•  Activities or events which take place outside Victoria, Australia.
•  One-off events that do not offer any opportunity to interact with our customers
•  Unregistered or unrecognised charities
•  Individuals
•  Political or religious organisations or activities

How to Submit your proposal

Boeders Garden Designs considers written proposals only.

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Postal Address:

Please allow 28 days (min.) for a written response.
Boeders Garden Designs decision should be considered as final and, if declined, no further correspondence will be entered into.

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