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About Us

About Boeders Garden Design


Lisa Jane Boeder, owner of Boeders Gardening and Design and Boeders Garden Design Website (BGDW) successfully completed the Advanced Certificate in Horticulture in 1996. During the past 14 years, Lisa Boeder has worked with reputable Horticultural Businesses, amassing a wealth of cutting edge knowledge and industry leading experience.

A "visionary outlook", combined with a “can do’ approach led to the establishment of Lisa’s own horticultural business (Boeders’s Gardening) in June 2006 as a lead-up to the more current focus on Horticultural Gardening Design & Planing (Boeders Gardening and Design).

The mission at Boeders gardening and design is to provide expert advice and innovative concepts that marry with customers who are passionate about having the best in functional garden ideas. Together, we will bring your dream garden to life from initial concept stage, drawing, planning compliance and project managing to the final living green outcome.

Our vision is to deliver inspirational gardens and service that exceed customer's expectations.


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